About Us

Frame by Frame is a heartfelt alternative pop rock group that twists bourbon soaked storylines into well-crafted, sing along anthems. There is a sense of urgency in the lyrics of front man Chris Margolin that allows crowds to feel like they’re peering through pages of his personal notebooks. The back and forth guitar work of Margolin and lead guitarist, Matthew Kebbe, pair clean rhythms, subtle soundscapes, and hooks that soak deep into every listener’s mind. The backbone of the band finds the syncopated, effects-laden basslines of David Neufeld, melding with the steadfast drums of Casey O’Donnell, and the atmospheric tones of Trevor Eyre on keyboards.

With the release of their first EP, Of Memories and Photographs, and sold out shows at some of the most established venues in the city (Doug Fir, Kelly’s Olympian, Aladdin Theater, etc), they’ve already caught the attention of the Portland, Oregon music scene. They look for continued success over the next year with a new EP in the works, and several shows on the calendar.

The name Frame by Frame comes from the idea that everyone should take each moment of their lives frame by frame, and never hesitate to see what comes next – to remember that a person needs only to write enough of their story to fill one small picture frame at a time. Frame by Frame looks forward to sharing their story with the world, one frame at a time.